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Petition zum Erhalt des Klettergebietes Geyikbayiri

vom: 09.02.2015

Petition zum Erhalt des großen türkischen Klettergebietes Geyikbayıri, nahe bei Antalya

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On 04.12.2014 mining exploration permit nr 21400418 was issued for the rocks of Geyikbayırı, a sport climbing area that is currently among the top 10 most important and popular climbing areas of the world attracting over 10.000 visitors a year. Over the last 15 years more than 1000 routes where opened on these rocks and the climbing area has been declared an eco tourism area with a significant contribution to winter tourism.

Mining exploration would cause irrevocable damage to the rocks resulting in the closing down of the climbing area.

The chosen area is also home to a major water source, the starting point of the Lycian Way, borders a nature reserve and is thus not suited for mining activities.