• Was ging am Fels....
  • Thomas Huber - Sehnsucht Torre, 20.11.2016 Stadthalle Heidelberg
  • EUROPEAN OUTDOOR FILM TOUR 16/17 ab 07.10.2016
  • 20 . Offene Rheinland - Pfalz - Meisterschaft 2016 im Lead, Frankenthal 17.09.2016
  • Zwei Boulder dazu am Schiessplatz

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Adam Ondra - Der Heilige Gral 9a

Enjoy this short movie about Adam Ondra doing the acrobatic 9a in Frankenjura! This route will have no space in our upcoming main movie about the young legend, but anyway, it is worth seeing it, Adam climbed it on the 2nd try! If you want to see more, just visit my brand new webpage about the whole film project - LAUNCHING TODAY! WWW.ADAMONDRAFILM.COM


Kolosseum, Frankenjura
49° 46' 53.6196" N, 11° 17' 8.6676" E