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Video: Klettern in Zaghouan, Tunesien

Klettern in Tunesien ein Trailer vom Grenoble Universitäts Kletterclub.


This is the trailer of the soon-to-come short movie i'm making about a bolting trip in Tunisia by the GUCEM (Grenoble university club climbing & mountainering) last june.
In ten days we bolted the first sports routes in the country (up to 8a), we did the first ascents of 3 multi-pitches trad routes and helped the Tunisians to create the first climbing-club in Tunisia. This project was made with the help of Petzl.

Video: Edu Marin and Marco Jubes. Samayata, Ethiopia


Edu Marin, Marco Jubes and Toti Vales climbing "Costa Brava", 850m, 16 pitches up to 8a, free and on sight.
Samayata, Ethiopia 2012.

Video: Off-width mit Pamela Pack

Eindrucksvolles Rissklettern