• Neuer Kletterführer: Klettern am Haardtrand
  • B-W Lead JugendCup 19.07. Reutlingen + 26.07. Offenburg
  • DM Bouldern 2014, Friedrichshafen, 11.-12. Juli
  • Nochmal Krappenfels
  • Métalepse 8a von Sebastian am Krappenfels


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Britten Crag bei Christchurch

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Video: Klettern in Zaghouan, Tunesien

Klettern in Tunesien ein Trailer vom Grenoble Universitäts Kletterclub.


This is the trailer of the soon-to-come short movie i'm making about a bolting trip in Tunisia by the GUCEM (Grenoble university club climbing & mountainering) last june.
In ten days we bolted the first sports routes in the country (up to 8a), we did the first ascents of 3 multi-pitches trad routes and helped the Tunisians to create the first climbing-club in Tunisia. This project was made with the help of Petzl.


36° 23' 15.0072" N, 10° 7' 35.778" E